About Renz


RENZ Global marketing Private limited is one of the most exciting, pristine and immaculate platform for the NETizens in this 21st century era.

It has diversified range of ravishing, exquisite and aesthetic collection of wide range of products ranging from apparels, accessories and electronic gadgets and so on with consistant engagement in R&D to deliver innovative and cost effective products to every commoner.

The network of registered distributors with RENZ are very well versed and drilled with special training so that the consumers are able to get the best opportunities in a charismatic and emphatic manner which points to prodigious juggernaut of direct selling industry in the country.

RENZ offers premium quality products on its website catering to a diversified range of categories, right from men and women clothing, footwear, fashion accessories. RENZ sells products under its own label and offers handsome incentives to its Distributors for the sales that they make. RENZ’s simple and straightforward business plan enables its Distributors not only to enjoy quality products but also to tap the earning potential impregnated within them. Some associated benefits of RENZ business model are:

  1. Enhanced lifestyle
  2. High quality products
  3. Flexible and reliable shopping/selling models
  4. Financial freedom with career opportunity
  5. Bright scope of expansion


Is to be the global ecommerce leader within the Direct selling industry, leveraging this position so as to be a positive influencer in the development of sustainable and professional direct selling communities around the world.

By providing quality products, services & lifestyle coupled with customer satisfaction, we aim to be the best company of the globe by touching millions of people.

RENZ's core values are inspired by the “father of nation” Mahatma Gandhi,


Truth above all. Truth in all! Integrity in thought, word and action.


We serve to lead and lead to serve. Service to all is our credo.


We are merely caretakers for the next generation. We must preserve, sustain and even resurrect.


Lead to Inspire and Inspire to Lead! We nurture and inculcate entrepreneurial passion as the path to independence, inclusiveness and innovation.


To design, modernize with time, our direct selling shopping models to pave a smooth path of success for our distributors. RENZ aims at providing products and services that exceedingly fit on quality barometer and is economical on the cost front. By doing so, we will also address our social responsibility to the society as well.

Our aim is to provide total customer satisfaction and we grow with a large network of satisfied customers and business associates. In a nutshell, we want to:

  • To make India smart & Wealthy
  • To be a Brand that do wonders
  • To be the Opportunity that empower
  • To create Relationship that endure
  • To become benchmark in direct selling industry on global scale
  • To give the freedom to live the “life of dreams”

Here are a few reasons to rely on us:

A chance to earn big

RENZ provides a glittering business opportunity to those willing to become their own boss. Here, at RENZ you get an opportunity to earn in support of your well-being and happiness and that too without any cap over it. So, the more you put your effort, the more you earn.

Total independence

RENZ does enable you to control your own life, allowing you the flexibility to work where and when you want. With RENZ business opportunity, you work for yourself and you are adequately remunerated for the effort you put in. After all, that’s what a person always dreams about.

Earns you recognition and appreciation

The work helps you establish an identity of your own and you get to be recognized for your work. Appreciation boosts your morale for sure, right? Here, we know these facts and help you to grow big with a positive outlook that certainly brings you a big round of applause.

Control, you can choose your own hours to dedicate to the work

The company is a perfect place to work if you think that job is something not meant for you. With us, cherish the ability to break the 9-5 monotony and enjoy the ability to work at your desired location and create your own working hours. Flexibility, Pretty good deal, isn’t it?

Get rewarded for your passion

Yes, it really works if you work for it!! We recognize your sincere endeavors for sure and in return, reward you with the best perks available in the industry.

Big success

We give full recognition to our employees and business associates on whose contribution we stand. No doubt, they really deserve it. One is able to create big success stories in a short span of time with his dedication and hard work with RENZ. The place is idyllic for the ones craving for the taste of success.

Good support from the company and sales leaders

Mutual growth is our ultimate aim. We strive hard to maintain and cherish the spirit of RENZ in high esteem and provide enormous support to the people associated with us and help them achieve the desired results.